If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a 360° picture worth?
Your Product Photography should have an impact.
It should engage the Customer.

Who? Why?

What can 3D photography be used for:

·         webshops

·         exhibitions

·         product presentation

·         interactive museums

·         direct person-to-person sales

·         training

·         company presentations


Why is it good?

·         Improve professional presentation at first impression

Use the most up-to-date technology before your competitors do! Boost your website performance!


·         Increase your customer base

With 360° product photograhy you will provide more realistic images than with simple static pictures. Your products can be zoomed right down to the finest detail at all angles. You can show your products in action (e.g., toys, models) and customers can see product interiors. When customers see your products properly from all angles they are much more likely to be confident about making a purchase.


·        We offer full service!

If you decide to have 3D photos we are yours to command! We will help you achieve your plans from the ordering process through the embedding of the animation into your website. We will give you advice with the quotation on how to shoot your products. Then we will prepare the objects, take the photos and do all necessary supplementary work. Finally we can compile the animation and help you embed it into your website.


·         Reduce pre-sale customer service – save time and money!

Customers can zoom in on your products to the finest detail. With the help of animation they are viewable from any angle. On-line customers can get answers to many questions without needing to ask. You will make your buyers confident and you will save time and money!


·         View on all platforms! (Webpage, weshop, Facebook, Ebay, etc.)

Another big advantage of 3D product photos is that the animation can be shown anywhere! The 360° product view can be published not only on your website, but also on major e-commerce platforms such as Ebay and social networks such as Facebook. The 360° object viewer works on PCs, Macs, iOS, Android and other platforms – no plug-ins required.


·        Enhance the user experience!

With static traditional product photos it is difficult to present products realistically. Usually many pictures are needed and the customer has to open them one by one and try to compile them in their minds. With 3D product photography the customer can check the products from all angles by easy rotating movements. Your webpage will be more aesthetic and provide a better experience to the buyers.


·         User friendly, easy-to-use!

The 3D photos are easy to use for everyone! The animations are easily rotatable the same as if the customers held the product in their hand! Buyers can stop the animation and zoom in on the finest details of every part of the product.