If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a 360° picture worth?
Your Product Photography should have an impact.
It should engage the Customer.

How it works?

1. Ordering process:


It is simple. First determine how many products you want to be photographed, what background colour you need and any other options you desire (special effects, watermarks, etc.). You can set the number of photos the animation should contain but we will be glad to give you advice on what amount is needed for optimal, fluid visualisation. Then ship your products to us and we do the rest!



2. Shooting the photos


We put your product in equipment which provides perfect conditions for shooting high-quality photos. A motorized table then rotates the product precisely in 360 degrees while the camera makes a series of photos. The result is an animation which shows your product from every angle. This animation can also be stopped and rotated manually. The animation contains a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 360 photos. Of course the more photos it contains the more fluid the result will be. The optimal number is 24-60 images. This allows the animation to load fast while providing a smooth and fluid result.



3. Supplementary work:


The animation photos made by the software can be edited, corrected and optimized one by one. If there is a problem with one of the photographs we take a new shoot and correct it. As in the case of the static photos we can change the colour of the background, change the size of the picture, add various effects to the animation, or just generally enhance the images. We also add the watermarks at this stage if you want them.



4. Customization of the animation


After the photos are ready we customize the animation based on your needs. From the automatically rotating ones to the spin-once animation we customize the player properties and the format of the controlling buttons per your requirements.



5. Share it. Embed it. Sell it!


The perfectly created and customized animations are yours. You can use them as you wish. The prepared SWF extension animation can easily be embedded in your webpage or inserted in any presentation. You can also share and propagate them via other channels on the internet. Our professionals help you to embed them in your website if you want them to. For devices which don’t support flash animation like the iPad and iPhone, a multiplatform JavaScript application is available.